Recording: State of the Union 2022…Stop Waiting for Normal and Enjoy the New Abnormal Economy

Reviews from the 2021 State of The Union:

“Holy crap…that was probably the best talk Danny has ever given and I have been listening to him for 15 years…don’t know how he knows all this stuff, (history, finance and economics…) but well, it just blows my mind!”

“I was completely stressed in the early days of the pandemic, but Danny calmed me down and gave great suggestions on how to maneuver through it!”


Suspense is great when you’re watching the last episode of Succession on HBO! The unknown is awesome when you are unwrapping a present or meeting someone new on a dating site!

But not so much when you are trying to budget your new year. Not so much when you hear you should either be hiring anyone with a pulse because the market is amazing OR hunkering down and hoarding because the world is once again about to end! (You used to make fun of the “End of the World” believers when their big day came and went, and now you’re watching survival YouTube’s and stocking canned goods.)

You Need to Calm Down…is not only a catchy lyric from the inestimable Ms. Swift, but a pragmatic choice once you know the data! And Danny’s State of The Union is about data! His annual Big Picture Outlook of how Geopolitical, Economic and Market Forces will shape the Staffing industry’s landscape this year…

In 2008 his State of the Union predicted the Housing Collapse…in 2016 he said the mood created by income inequality opened the door for a new political direction, and in 2020, he provided an unvarnished and methodical way to not only survive but prosper during the world’s first pandemic in 100 years.

In every instance, his search firm’s success hung in the balance. As it does today. Hobson Associates had its best year ever in 2020, and blew those numbers away in 2021…

…and can’t wait for 2022! You’ll hear why when Danny does his annual deep dive…

Negativity sells…let’s get beyond the Clickbait.

Price: $29.00

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