Member Recording: Absolute Intelligence: The “AI” That Matters…Running Your Desk by Pattern and Probability

Okay, you lost your deal. It happens. But remember, or did you conveniently forget, that 3 weeks ago your candidate mentioned she might get a raise? Or that your client told you he had a big network and was also working the search? What about the guy who took the counteroffer? Your boss rolled her eyes when she saw the resume and said, “He’s been there 11 years!” (and then you rolled your eyes back at her because…well that’s what you do when you’re challenged, and you know it’s not mature but…)

But nothing. Artificial Intelligence, at its core, is about having so much data that you can discern and predict patterns and make decisions affecting outcomes. It’s why Silicon Valley wants your personal data, and why countries hack other countries. Data is power. Without Data, there is no AI…

What if you ran your desk with Absolute Intelligence? You clinically, dispassionately make your decisions, what job to work, who to send, who not to send…based entirely on patterns and statistical probability? How much calmer would you be? How much darker would your hair be? How much richer would you be?

In this webcast we give you the first piece. The data…Danny will roll out the preponderance of evidence… “when you see this, you won’t succeed, so don’t go there” …you’ll be able to identify trouble and redirect your efforts to better choices. He’ll lead you away from the on ramp of misery and give you a detour.

The harder part? What you do with the info. You can use it, and prosper, or you can live and die by hope, luck and the deep seated but delusional belief that you “deserve a deal.” That…is Absolutely not true…more’s the pity…

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