Member Price Webinar Recording: Hit Refresh: (Before it’s Too Late) Mastery of the MPC Call

You’ve done it, or you used to do it, or you almost did it but kinda faked it… but at some level you know… The MPC call is the GOAT…the number one way of getting new client work fast! Versions and variations come and go, internet tools claim to replace it, you kid yourself no one responds to phone calls and yet the data every year at Danny’s firm and the ATD community at large is always the same. The MPC call beats LinkedIn Ingratiation, Drip Campaigns, posting follow ups and various and sundry ways we justify being scared to SELL!


But now your trove of job orders is dwindling and the (election year) news is predicting headwinds. Time to re tool and Retake your market. Time to go back to what you know works, time to face your fear that you may suck at marketing now that it’s been so long. Relax…you still got it…but it’s been so long, what is it? We’ll break down the call, we’ll give you messaging hot spots, and review the basic client objections that you used to handle with ease but now find yourself going… “Uh…okay then.”


Time to wake up.

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