Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Five: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Business” …The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Virtual Recruiters

A virtual workforce! It makes all the sense in the world, right? Your costs are lower with no brick and mortar operation. Everyone works out of their house on their own computers. You can still have them networked, you can use the same analytics and hell, they’re senior people, they know what they’re doing, they have mortgages and families to provide for, they don’t need you micro managing them. They’re adults. Just set them up, check in once in a while, and get out of their way. What could go wrong?!!


If they are unsuccessful they will not say, “Turns out I did need structure and this is on me.” Nope. They’ll say you abandoned them.

If they are successful, they’ll wonder what they need you for, since they’re all alone and uh, wait for it, you abandoned them. (But they asked you to work virtually? Hah. That doesn’t matter, these are recruiters and logic has no room in their orbit.)

So this session will lay out some rules. How to find them, who to set up and who NOT to set up virtually. How training is different for virtual offices. What your daily interaction should be. What tools they need. How to communicate with them now that they are virtual.

Virtual offices can be a phenomenal way to scale your firm with higher profit margins. (Some of our top producers work virtually and have for years.) They are notorious for failing within a relatively short period of time. And some of that, my friend, is on you and me. You can’t pat yourself on the back for being progressive enough to attempt virtual offices and not adapt your own management style and tactics.

Let’s do this!

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