Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Two - Ramping Up Rookies Recording

First we’ll do a reality check of expectations…Rookies can’t ramp as fast as they did when you were a rookie! Holding them to old metrics ensures disaster! Once we’re firmly on terra firma about what is realistic, we’ll talk:

  • The balance between Training and letting them “Run With It” … (Spoiler alert, there’s value in letting them wander, but most of you do it when you’re exhausted or have a call to make or want to leave early!)
  • Markers and Milestones…a week by week calibration of whether they are “getting it” …what to look for, and what to react to.
  • Systems and tools and technology. How much to give them and when?
  • Compensation models… (If you’re still paying a draw against commission, you’re way behind the curve and are going to be shocked!)
  • Early Warning Signs

One of Danny’s core philosophies is don’t hire in a recession, hire in a good market. It allows for a greater margin of error and increases the chances of success. No one leaves our business once they have tasted success, but you must get them ramped quickly. Today’s rookies have a very short fuse and a low tolerance for failure and yup, lots of other options. (That’s a good thing, it’s why you have so many job orders!)

Let’s ramp them now, they’re your future superstars!

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