Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Twelve - Owner/Manager Improv!!

Owner Manager Improv!!

For the final session of our Year Long Owner/Manager Virtual Video Retreat, Danny is winging it…with your help!! We’ve spent a year covering topics universal to all owners, but we all know that we have idiosyncratic issues unique to our own firms… “The bipolar guy who claims he can’t work in a down phase but hasn’t been manic since 2013, the woman who won’t use a script because she ‘needs to be free to create’, the rookie who keeps calling your clients ‘dude’, the guy who thinks he’s too good to put data in the CRM but you can’t fire him because, sigh, he’s kinda too good…”

We all have our issues, or crosses to bear…so fire away…send us an email summarizing your issue and we will free associate, brainstorm and if we don’t solve your problem we will at least empathize the hell out of each other…

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