Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Three - Recruiter or Researcher? Recording

Researcher or Recruiter? The Sales Support Identity Crisis Explored

It’s not fair to say the needle has moved when it comes to what a researcher does. The needle is now being loaded up with 100 CC’s of 'Useless' and injected into your recruiter’s arm. Once upon a time your researcher sourced names. But your recruiter has the latest souped up version of LinkedIn that you pay dearly for and tells you he/she can source faster by themselves. You used to have an admin do blogs and write email blasts but blogs are SO 2017, and your recruiters have templates. Do you still need researchers? And what do they actually do in a world of user-friendly recruiting tools and chatbots? Are you finding your trusted researcher keeps telling you she has nothing to do?


In this session we’ll explore:

  • What does a recruiter do and what should the researcher do? We’ll DRAW the line in the sand on who does what!!
  • Does a researcher talk to the candidates? (Pros and Cons, spoiler alert, there are lots of cons. If they do talk to the candidates, how does that affect hiring and training?)
  • How many recruiters can one effective researcher support?
  • Should I say the hell with all of this and hire an Offshore firm? What do they charge and how does that work?
  • Assuming I keep or hire researchers, how are they paid?

It’s not that you don’t need admin/research/support to maximize profits in the modern search firm. You do. But you have to update what they do and what they don’t.

This should be a great session not just because of the importance of the topic but because Danny had his best researcher gather the data!

We had some technical difficulties at the beginning of this webinar. It gets better a few minutes in.

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