Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session One - The Rainmaker Hybrid Model Recording

The Rainmaker Hybrid Model (Ways to Structure Your Search Firm for Success in Today’s Market)

There is no question the MRI/Robert Half “360-degree full desk model” is the dominant model in direct hire firms in America. There is also no question it was designed over 50 years ago. That’s 9 presidents and 3 versions of “A Star is Born” ago! Before computers, let alone the Internet, let alone social media! Does this model hold up when people can work virtually? What is the fastest way to maximize cash? What about building a team? Does it have to look the same way it always has? And let’s remember, for the vast majority of firms, over 80%, the model proves too hard. Too many hires without revenue, too much time off your desk and money out of your pocket training people who don’t make it. What is the right mix? How are successful people Scaling their Business?

Danny will make a case for several models in our opening virtual retreat segment, and you can choose the one that resonates with your sensibilities and situation and checkbook! Once you have a model you believe in, once you have set your path, everything else falls in line!

Let’s Do This!!

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