Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Nine - Self-Sabotage: Why Recruiters are Erratic, Inconsistent and Procrastinate, and How To Help Them

Pinterest can tell you “consistent actions produces consistent results”, the words look good as a caption in an Alex Morgan training meme, or as today’s inspiration on your “365 Days of Instant Wisdom” desk calendar you bought while waiting to check out at Barnes and Noble, but whoa, is it hard to achieve when running a staffing firm!!!…Let’s take on the two questions that make us crazy…okay, crazier…oh fine, craziest!!

  • Why don’t recruiters do the things necessary to be successful once they learn them?
  • Why do Senior Recruiters STOP doing the things that made them successful in the first place?

Spoiler Alert…it’s not about you. You don’t create these tendencies because you’re a “bad” manager…they came to you with them. They’re deep seated. Behaviors that are brought on by habituation, or maybe genetics, there’s a slight chance of demonic or alien possession. The point is, it’s not you! But that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for identifying and limiting the damage these tendencies do to your revenue and your sanity.

So in this session we will create a working definition of Recruiter Self-Sabotage. Then we will discuss the root cause, and how to identify it in an interview, and then we’ll offer some solutions.

And yes, I know you are or used to be a recruiter, so you have self-sabotaged yourself, so this session might be a case of “in the event of an emergency, put the mask on yourself before helping others.” That’s cool.

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