Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Four - The Working Manager's Guide to Scaling Your Firm Recording

There are break points in building your search firm:

  • When you realize you could bill more with a staff than you can by yourself. (Plus you’re tired!)
  • 0-3 Recruiters…You’re a tight group, you’re making $, but you’re a puppeteer and it all revolves around you and your string speed. (Plus you’re exhausted!)
  •  3-10 recruiters...You’re still the top biller, but you start thinking you’d be a better manager if you billed less. (Plus you have no life and drink pre workout drinks even though you don’t work out because they have 1800 mg of caffeine.)
  • 10-20…Okay, the Ma and Pa shop mentality has to go…we’re running a business here, let’s make some rules not dependent on your mood, and here’s a thought…enforce them. (You’re meditating now, coffee is SO 2018!)
  • 20 plus recruiters…You need a layer of management, a system of overrides that don’t erode profit, and you should only be doing 3 things…1) strategic planning 2) hiring 3) training…you are your brand!!!

None of this happens overnight. Danny has lived through all of these breakpoints…without breaking. (so far) We’ll walk you through the decision-making process of growth: When to hire. How to pick niches. Whether to add contract staffing. When to give up your desk and what to do with your clients. How to budget a larger firm.

Most importantly. What to let go of (delegate) and what to hold on to with every last ounce of strength you have because it is essential. And how to know if you’re confusing the two!

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