Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Eight - Fees: How to Settle Common Disputes, Collect Receivables and Protect your Lifeblood in a Tech Savvy World!

“You went around my back and hired the candidate I sent you two months ago!”

“What do you mean you already have her? She didn’t even know who you were until I recruited her!”

“I’m sorry you have cash flow issues/didn’t get your funding/your nephew embezzled…you owe me MY FEE!”

And on and on it goes…most owner/managers are badass when it comes to making placements, and church mice when it comes to settling fee disputes and collecting the money they have earned. We take everything on a case by case (often of beer) basis and have no best practices or guiding principles. That ends now…

There will be two parts to this session…1) Fee Disputes in the Internet Age…what are the new issues, how has the law evolved, how do we proceed to get our money in a timely way without incurring legal fees that dilute our income?  2) A Step by Step REPEATABLE methodology for collecting fees. (Spoiler alert, it starts when you are wrapping up the deal, long before the invoice is sent, or the candidate has started.)

Everyone in this series knows how to make money…how many of you know how to get the money you’ve made?

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