Non Member Package: Recruiter IQ Series Recordings

If you missed the live event you can still get the recordings!


  • What You Sell and Why Clients Buy
  • The Workflow of Top Producers (Moment by Moment, Hour by Hour)
  • How to Build a “True” Pipeline with No Surprises
  • Metrics that Matter…What You Should Track and How
  • The Technology You Need to Succeed… (it’s less than you think)  


  • Sales 101…Yes, you need it! Classic Closes you Remember but don’t Use!
  • What Clients and Candidates Think is absolute BS about Recruiters
  • Setting Expectations 


  • Partnering with HR
  • Prep to Counteroffer…Touch Points that Save Deals
  • Candidate Protocols  


  • Developing a Niche (How to Choose, When to Lose)
  • How to Work Smarter
  • Avoiding Burn Out 

You know, in the civilian world, raising your IQ by 20 points

would take you from “sharp” to Mensa…raising your Recruiter IQ

in these sessions will take you from “getting by” to living large…

Money is the New Smart!!!



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