Member Price Recording: When Do We Go Live? The Critical Moments When You Must Talk Live

Email skills can be the difference for today’s recruiters! Your hook lines, your messaging “grabbers”, your ability to generate excitement with phrases, intel and even emoji’s is what gets you responses from clients and candidates who don’t seem to answer their phones or check their voicemails. And if you have their cell numbers, oh hell, then let’s text and get this party going…everyone checks their texts!

But once you’re in a deal…there are KEY moments where there is no substitute for speaking live! The million-dollar producers Danny mentors literally recoil in shock when they hear what recruiters try to get done in email. “If I couldn’t hear their voice, I’d never trust what I had!” And “Every time I’ve tried to ___ (insert persuasion inflection point) in email it backfires, and I lose the deal!”


The hard part is knowing what is not only okay in email but SUPERIOR in email, and what is not…where do we draw the line? When do we say… ‘If we can’t talk live, I’m out’?

In this webcast we will clarify…on both the candidate and client side. The Moments We Go Live…and they’re not the ones you might think! (Teaser…you can negotiate fees in email, that’s not on the list! I know, WTF right? There are more…) And we’ll share verbiage to get the recalcitrant client or candidate to come out of the shadows and actually have a human conversation!

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