Member Price Recording: Leaving Money On The Table

I’m not sure where this proverbial table is…but I know that it freaks Candidates out if they feel they are doing it when you make them an offer…and when you negotiate your fees with Clients, it’s never good if you agree to a lower fee than you should have, and walk away feeling, yep…you left money on that table! (If we could just find out where this table is! Imagine how much money is on it by now! What happens to all the money that’s left on The Table!? You never hear of anyone grabbing money off the table, they just leave money on it!!)

So we’ll look at the origin of these feelings, discuss the key moments where you signal your willingness to accept less, or try to get the candidates more, how to stop doing that, and if you screw up and realize your candidate or client is now feeling the dreaded Table Envy, we’ll discuss ways you can re direct, reevaluate, or…wait for it…table the discussion…

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