Postmortem Analysis: How Top Producers Lost Deals and How You Can Avoid Losing Yours

It’s the most painful part of Danny’s personal mentoring program…The Postmortem analysis of 1) Turndowns 2) Offers that never came 3) Candidates that Reneged and 4) Submissions that weren’t converted. Danny reviews 6 months of pipeline activity and one by painstaking one, asks the hard questions. It is agonizing for the recruiter and not much fun for Danny. But here is the upshot of the data:

You could have seen this EPIC fail coming. The deal was not going to happen, and you could have reacted, chose differently and gotten another deal while you stressed out!!

In this session, Danny will share the data and the lessons learned. This is a cross section of recruiter niches, geographics and salary and position levels. You will feel uneasy as each scenario is described. You will sigh deeply as you recognize the deal you thought you had last year, last month…today…is unraveled.

But you will also have a blueprint of tendencies to identify…a check list to consult before you tell yourself or your manager “This deal is done!” And you will have more confidence and less anxiety that your desk is going to yield what you need it to and thought it would.

We will break down both the client and candidate sides and highlight the Inflection Points in the process where the deals commonly go sideways.

Danny can give you the data and the content…YOU have to provide the guts and nerve to use it. Or not. You could continue to live on Hope. But how is that working out for you? Hope is nothing more than “the feeling you have that the feeling you have…isn’t permanent.”

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