Hiring and Ramping Up Rookies

You know that now is the time to ramp up rookies when:
1. The market is recovering and they will get results!
2. Good Rookies are available and willing to take a risk!
3. You need an infusion of energy after having fought through the recession!
But you hesitate. And why not? It hasn’t worked. Turnover, management issues, absenteeism, and pathetic production. In the recession it’s easy to cut back your staff and do what you do best, make placements. But when the dust settles, and it is falling all around us as we speak, what are you building? Where is your business going?
You need to revisit your dream of building your office. But you need help. Our Owner Manager Webcast Series will take you through the key principles Danny developed to create insane tenure at his search firm, and increase the effectiveness rate of rookies for everyone using the methodology. It's not that you can’t hire the right people, it's not that you can’t manage or train; get out of that mindset. You need to be shown a repeatable process. 

A 6 Session Series on “Hiring and Ramping Up Rookies”
Session 1 - Finding Recruiters:
1. How do we find them? What is the profile that we should look for? Do we want experienced people or is that just buying someone else’s problems?
2. Once we find them how do we attract them? Why should they take a low base, high commission job? What do they care about and how do we compete?

Session 2 - Interviewing Recruiters (57:45)
1. The Rookie Recruiter Interview model/process. The key is to learn the process and NOT vary from it. People want what they perceive as being hard to achieve, a shortened process for a “Star” almost guarantees behavioral issues.
2. How to test, what tests to use, and in what format.
3. How to compensate.
4. Onboarding before start date.

Session 3 - Training and Metrics for Rookies (54:45)
1. Setting expectations from Day One, Minute One.
2. A day to day schedule for training in case, (sigh), you don’t want to send them to our rookie retreats!!
3. A discussion of technology and call accounting.
4. The first few days on the phone. (Habits formed here will stick.)
5. Feedback, public and private.

Session 4 - Firing Recruiters (18:38)
Signs for early termination.

Session 5 - Building a Culture (1:11:51)
1. Hot Sheet Analysis…creating a closer.
2. Planning management techniques (This is when they stop planning!)
3. Situational management in case they are Killing it!
4. Situational management in case they have a slump.
5. Probation and ICU (Danny’s famous Intensive Care Unit)
6. Hierarchy and Career Path to Management.
Session 6 - Q & A with Danny Conference Call (1:04:47)
Danny answers a series of questions presented by the owner/manager participants of our live series.  

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