Fast Track Series: Retainers

By Danny Cahill, CPC

From Danny’s Fast Track Series

Everything You Need to Know About Retainers in 4 Furious Hours!

More and more companies are retaining search firms to find their talent.  Executive level retainers, rolling retainers, they are out there!

Have you asked yourself…Why not YOU?

Warning: No fluffy motivational material included!

In this series we take on Retained Search:

  • How to close your first retainer
  • The value proposition to your clients
  • Implementing a retainer "process" mentality
  • Converting contingency clients
  • Pricing realities, not rhetoric
  • Tips from Danny's mentoring clients
  • A live interview with a retained search top producer
  • Overcoming objections to retainers
As in all AccordingToDanny products, you'll get specifics. (For example, in this series, you will get a sample retained search contract.) We will walk you through the PowerPoint presentation Danny uses to close retainers himself. Join Danny as he interacts with a live audience. As always, we have fun.

Package Contents:
2 DVDs (3:57)
Retainers Workbook

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