Owner/Manager Virtual Retreat Session Six: Firing for Snowflakes: You’re Ending Their Time with You, Not Their Time

We all prefer Happy Endings. (Robert Kraft jokes are too easy, you’re better than that.) When we hired this recruiter, we had such high hopes. She seemed to have everything in the interview. She was ebullient, and ambitious and communicative…then she came to work for you and the person you met in the interview was apparently being held hostage somewhere. You never saw that person again. But there is no revenue, no activity that could produce revenue, and worse, she looks miserable, which makes you miserable. You know you have to end this, but not today. Today won’t work because (Insert convenient rationale):

1) You are busy closing deals so that you can afford to pay these non-producers.

2) You don’t feel well; you haven’t been sleeping.

3) It’s her birthday coming up (in like a month, SNOWFLAKE) …

Time for Best Practices on Firing Recruiters:

How to determine if you should pull the trigger (hint, not based on your mood or month’s pipeline)

When to do it… (yes, you should have a prescribed time)

…and once you have made the determination, a step by step “mock firing” with key verbiage that will cover you financially, emotionally and legally!

The A protocol on how to 1) let the staff know 2) follow up with clients 3) handle their non-compete.

“There are no real endings, just places where you stop the story.”

--Frank Herbert

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