Aging Disgracefully - A Memoir

“My free fall, and the madness, stopped on my fiftieth birthday. Not because I had found wisdom or had realized the damage I was doing to myself and others, but because I found myself in an ambulance…” (excerpt from Chaper One!)


Praise for ‘Aging Disgracefully’

Danny’s wicked, light-hearted sense of humor and gut-wrenching transparency serves as a wonderful prism for life’s struggles and captures poignantly what we can’t escape as we age: family, health, purpose. Aging Disgracefully made me feel like I had been in a therapy session—with more fun and less cost. Enjoy the ride!”

—Mike Lejeune, Author of A Father’s Love

“Aging Disgracefully grabs you instantly with vivid and real characters that make you laugh with them, worry about them, and yes, cry for them. As a speaker, Danny is always at the top of his game. This book elevates him to a new level—amazing.”

—John Sacredote, Retired president, NAPS

“How can such serious topics be so hilarious? Aging Disgracefully is full of effervescent wit and passion about the emotional rollercoaster aging can be for us all . . . you will laugh and cry, but leave appreciating aging for the grace and charm it deserves.”

—Tish Squillaro, Author of HeadTrash and CEO, Candor Consulting

Danny’s first book, “Harper’s Rules”, won the Axiom Award for Best Business Parable.

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