Member Price: Live Webinar: Relationship Recruiting is Dead: How to Bring Value to Clients Who “Are All Set!”

“Thanks, but we have no need.” (But I’d like to start a relationship!)

“We have a great TA team, so we’re all set.” (That’s okay, can we start a relationship?)

Your existing relationships have dried up or are yielding less jobs for you to work. Yet you’ve been taught BD is about “chipping away, starting relationships…people work with people they like!”

Yeah, no…Clients don’t value relationships in a world of instant access to candidates and AI tools that generate the content to attract them instantly. Add in the fact that for most of you your BD skills have gotten rusty, and the connect rates and job leads are abysmal. Time for a reset. It starts not with “chipping away” but with a fierce commitment to the LIVE CONNECT. It is rare, precious, hard to come by, and must be cashed in ON the call. You won’t get a second chance. So you have to have a framework for bringing insight, perspective and value to your client. And when they say they are all set or have no needs, you need better verbiage than… “Okay, can I keep in touch?”

Relationships still matter, but only as a result of good work.


Wednesday, June 21st  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

(Recording of live event will be sent to all attendees!)

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