The First and God Help Us Last Virtual Rookie Retreat - Member Price

Since 2002 a generation of rookies, including multiple Pinnacle Members and Soon-To-Be Million Dollar Producers, flew to Danny’s office for our 2 day Rookie Retreat: They learned the Fundamentals, wandered Danny’s Search firm and saw what was preached in practice, and felt the energy and passion that defines Danny’s work and legacy. Plus they got workbooks, cookies, unlimited caffeine, and a night out with their peers that may or may not have included alcohol. (What happens in retreats stays in retreats!)

Our clients are hiring rookies, and so is Danny. They still need the fundamentals, but 1) They can’t fly (thanks Covid) 2) We can’t socially distance 45 people in our training center 3) They need to change their best practices to match the current reality…(Danny’s firm met their team goal in 2020 and October was their best month in a year! It works!)

So we’re going Virtual. Danny has been doing live streams and webinars since the pandemic began…to record setting audiences. We Got This!

The First and God Help Us Last Virtual Rookie Retreat will cover:

  • Essential Sales Basics (Updated for a Covid World)
  • Client Centric Biz Dev Techniques that get new Job Orders
  • The New Job Order Intake (Spoiler, it’s a Zoom Meeting)
  • Pricing Policies and Fee Qualifying in the Real World of Recession
  • The Candidate as Client
  • The End Game (We get hired to manage the offer process, not just to find people.)

Done over 3 days. You still get the workbooks. (but no cookies)…We’ll open it up to chat and take time for FAQ’s and we’ll understand if cats jump onto your screen or if you choose to not be on video and watch in stealth mode. (#metoobin)

The New Abnormal is Real. Danny has trained two of his own rookies remote using this exact format and program. You can Thrive without being Live…we promise.

December 7 - 9, 2020

11:00 am – 12:30 pm EST and 1:00 – 2:30 pm EST Each Day


Call or Email Joanne with questions:


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