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When you send your rookies to Danny’s office for his renowned 2 Day Rookie Retreat, you know you’re going to get the basics covered. 

Here are just some of the topics covered:


Marketing Calls 

Fee Qualification 

Writing Job Orders 

COLD Recruiting Calls 

Overcoming Client & Candidate Objections 

Making Verbal Presentations 

Closing Calls 

Extending Offers 

Managing Resignations

But that is just the beginning! Danny’s search firm is the think tank for our training, so our methods evolve. We always cover the universal basics and the psychology of selling, but HOW to run a desk has shifted dramatically. And that's why our Rookie Retreats are not just for rookies! We always have very senior people attending our retreats. Sometimes they get more out of these retreats than even our rookies do! This retreat will be different, because every retreat is different!Examples of what’s changed?

• How to Plan (It takes longer the more tools you have!!)

• How to Write Emails (Yes we go there, you HAVE to!)

• How to Close Candidates with Multiple Offers and Options

• Working with not against HR

• Fee Fighting with Purpose not Rhetoric

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what a few recent attendees had to say:

“Danny,excited to be part of your network! Loved your training, especially on prepping and closing candidates - I got to use it this past week and it definitely made a difference!" Chantal

“Simply put, Danny you are the best!" Carl C.

"I really enjoyed the Rookie Retreat. I learned so much. I'm typing out my notes today. There were so many great takeaways. I certainly have new confidence in my voice now, and have new much bigger goals. Thank you very much!" Bryan

Along with the basics and the New Normal you'll get:Danny’s energy and knowledge!Your rookies exposed to our state of the art search firm and top producers practicing what we preach.The Drama of Live Closing situations!The comfort of knowing your rookies will get exposed to EVERY facet of the placement process.Rookies returning home Fired Up! (All while you work your desk. Enjoy the respite!) 

Join Danny and his team for this two day intensive training session.

Training is done in our AccordingToDanny office, 1781 Highland Ave, Cheshire, CT

Closest airport Bradley International (BDL)

More questions? Please call our office and talk to Joanne. 203-439-7820

Take Advantage of our EARLY BIRD PRICING:

Member: $679.00

Non-Member: $729.00 


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