Nonmember Price: Live Webinar: From Rhetoric to For Real: Fee Negos in a Tough Market!

Forget, “You get what you pay for!” (That’s a Strong Market rebuttal, Lose that!)

Forget “Are you seeing good people for that low fee?” (Uh, yeah, they are actually…now what?)

There are some classic fee strategies, well grounded in sales fundamentals, that you’ve all used for years, that will NOT work now!!

So let’s adapt…the market is turbulent but not terrible. Your client’s have more leverage than they’ve had and they’re right to use it. Let’s rethink how to get a premium fee for elite candidates and use word tracks and sales tactics that will allow for a premium fee in THIS market. You don’t need to make twice as many placements to bill what you did last year because “No one is paying full fees.” You just need to update your approach. Silver lining? What you have been doing only works in great markets, what we’ll discuss works in all markets…

(Recording of event will be sent after live event has finished.)

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