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It’s your fantasy. The great Unsaid. You’re too good a human to say it out loud. But while you don’t wish your team of recruiters any harm, you kinda would be okay if they all just disappeared. Poof! But you just logged on for the day and one of them is already calling in sick and the one that hasn’t made a placement since Tik Tok was just a sound a clock makes is asking if it’s okay if he just does some emails this morning because he’s “not feeling it…ya know?”

What’s wrong with these people? You came up the hard way. You worked your butt off, hell you still do! Who raised these people? Why do they think the world owes them a living?

STOP…just stop it with the snowflake stereotyping! It’s as much you as them. The very same skills that make you an assassin of a recruiter make managing impossible. On your desk you are in control, you make decisions. Managers have to allow their decisions to play out…oh how you hate things playing out.

But you need to scale. You have been tasked to scale your team. There is SO much biz out there and you can only handle so much on your own. You have to make these people better without resenting them or gnashing your teeth until your cortisol levels redline.

And you can. You just need a plan. You need to know what to let go of and what to emphasize. It’s easier than you think.


(Recording will be sent after event.)

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