Non Member: “The Fix Is In” Workshop: Closing Troubled Deals LIVE

25-25-25…for 25 years Danny has been the 911 call for the industry’s top producers when a deal is hanging by a thread…it looks bad, but you can’t afford to lose, so you reach out for help…

Danny has saved, on average, 25 deals a year at an average fee of 25K…that’s $15,625,000 and counting among his subscriber members and his mentees!

Now we’re going live!  In this meeting, Danny will listen to you describe your deal, and where it stands, and fashion a strategy to close it airtight and secure your fee…along the way:

  • You’ll learn valuable lessons about why it got so convoluted and problematic (Spoiler alert, it’s on you!)
  • We’ll enumerate the warning signs of trouble, so you don’t keep doing this (For the Love of God)
  • We’ll take input from others on the meeting. If Danny doesn’t have the answer, maybe YOU do!
  • If the deal is truly not salvageable, we’ll find ways to still gain a “go forward” advantage with your client and candidate
  • Lots of role playing, specific verbiage, and step by step tactics
  • No client or candidate names will be disclosed

They say losing deals is how you learn! Uh, no…you can win deals and learn just as easily! Turn your pain into gain and become better at closing deals.

PS…We’ll take calls and situations live, but if you have a deal pending days or even weeks before the seminar, email them to us and we’ll lead with them.

PSS…But remember, this is a workshop, not a lecture. You need to participate, and share and be okay with being told, “Dude, you screwed up, but we got this!”

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