Non Member Price: Live Webinar: Fall Outs: Diagnosis and Prevention Checklist!

You did the work. So much work…The thankless BD to get the lead. You dressed up (Okay, you had sweatpants on…SHHH!) for the Zoom call with the Client…you sent out email blasts and reviewed hundreds of profiles and interviewed dozens of candidates. And it happened! Hard work rewarded; good things happen to good people!! 40K on the board… you are now on VRBO looking at that sweet cabin in Vermont during peak foliage…

Then it Fell Out. Now there is Zero on the board. The candidate took it out of your hands by sending an email to your client THE MORNING THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO START!

You now hate people. Hide the sharp objects. Where is that damn key to the liquor cabinet?

Okay, get over it…here’s the reality!

• Fall outs are predictable and NOT inevitable.

• EVERY fall out is foretold to you IF you are willing to notice…and ACT!

We’ll review your “Fall Out Check List” …Once we diagnose, we will treat, and we will keep your 40K on the board. Danny’s team has had a 4% fall out rate for his entire career, regardless of market conditions, or “candidate centric” leverage…we will discuss how to spot a fall out, how to address it, and how to salvage (A few, I mean, some people are nuts!) the ones you can’t stop.

Vermont is beautiful in Oct…Don’t cancel that VRBO!!

Share your confidential Epic Fall Out Fail with Danny…your input is our research!

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