Member Price: The 360 Degree Desk Market Mastery Workshop: Best Pipeline Practices of High Performing Recruiters!

If you were a recruiter in 2019 and then spent the last 4 years in a Whole Body Cryochamber…

  • You probably look fantastic!
  • You wouldn’t recognize a high performing recruiter’s desk!

So much has changed. But not the goal. Running a desk where you CREATE your Pipeline, CONDUCT your Searches, and CONSUMMATE your Deals, all while simultaneously getting new and recurring biz! You do so in a High Demand Niche where you are known and respected. 

It’s the HOW that is undergoing a seismic shift. How people communicate. How People respond to Sales Techniques. How Recruiters set up and execute their day, (and of course, where they do it from and on what platforms and devices) …and was all this copy you’ve just read written by Bard or Danny? Does it matter? How do you incorporate AI and Video into your goals and objectives? 

How much is just hype and noise? (Spoiler alert…a LOT)

In the Ask Danny part of our award-winning coaching website, Danny has the privilege of hearing from thousands of recruiters on a daily basis. Their issues, their situations, their solutions! In his mentoring biz he coaches some of the industry’s risk takers, outliers, and wealth generators! And he still owns and manages his own venerable search firm, filled with Pinnacle members and high achievers. His access and his ability to condense it into actionable takeaways is his superpower, and while in the real world much of this info is shared virtually…

The 360 Degree is a LIVE event…we will share, roleplay, argue, eat, reverse engineer, and exhaust each other…but leave ready to change our approach.

In this session we are taking on some BIG issues:

  • Modern Measuring…KPI’s not Metrics…A methodology tied to reality, not abstract numbers for number’s sake
  • The Million Dollar Tech Stack/Workflow…what you should do, when you should it, what tools help and which ones waste your time
  • Marketing/BD…A Generative Approach….
  • Pricing Strategies…Reality based Rhetoric and overcoming objections (In ‘23 many recruiters dropped their fee to get by, stop that now please!)
  • Recurring Candidate Closing Situations…you can’t close them all, hell you don’t want to, but you have to close the ones you should. How to keep your fill rate at > 95%!

…time will be left for an open forum and there will be guest appearances by “Friends of Danny!”

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