Recording: Danny Cahill’s Nowhere Near Annual “State of the Union” Where Recruiting is Really Headed Post Covid!

Recruiters live in denial. That’s not all bad…lot to be said for a dose of denial (backed up a couple of weeks later by a booster dose)! It allows the average recruiter to block out the noise, do their best at the desk level and hope for the best. They say Hope is not a strategy but for the average recruiter it is a credo, a lifestyle, a way to get through the day. But sooner or later…you have to face some market realities. So congrats, you adapted, worked your butt off and got through Covid, and you are a weird mix of exhausted and proud. So where are we now? Big Picture…

That’s where Danny comes in. Three decades of running a large search firm and training the world’s top producers and consulting with the world’s finest staffing firms, along with an insatiable curiosity and too much time on his hands…allow him to go MACRO while you live MICRO and make your numbers…

In his first SOTU in 2000, he predicted a tech bust. In the 2008 SOTU, he warned his own people and his audiences of an impending financial crisis. In 2019, he raved about the economy and saw “no underlying fundamentals that would cause a recession anytime in the near term…” Uh…okay…moving on.

He's done his homework, and with the 2021 SOTU he shares the data he’s been sharing with his equity partners and mentoring clients.

Let’s move past Denial on the Kubler Ross spectrum into Acceptance together…and crush this new year!!


This is the recording of this live event.

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