Non Member Price: Manager’s Roundtable: Staffing Up! (Fresh Faced Rookie? Veteran Recruiter? Part Time BDR/SDR? Offshore? AI Assistant?)

You weathered the sketchy storm of ‘23 and have decided to staff up! Smart! The people you ramp now will find it easier to get going! Cast off veterans who either left the biz or went to TA are wondering if they should jump back in…and as always, recent college grads are trying to find themselves. (Although Mom’s basement with WIFI, streaming and full fridge are making the search even harder to navigate…31 is still a recent college grad, right?)

Something intuitive tells you that if every other aspect of our biz has been reworked, reimagined and upgraded by technology, surely the traditional, “find someone to smile and dial and hope they make it” won’t work now…will it?

Danny has been exposed to a variety of innovative approaches by owners and managers all over the country who are gearing up for a long run of prosperity. Danny has developed some new methods of his own. This round table will be a mind share…Danny will lay out some tenets and some working theories and we will all brainstorm. Maybe there is a version of all the new models that is THE model!

Let’s explore!! Prepare to be very uncomfortable with what you hear, and at the same time remember that discomfort is always the start of something very, very good for you!


(Recording of event will be sent to all registered attendees.)

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