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Non Member Rookie Retreat - December 1-2

Every Rookie Retreat is Designed for Now!

This Retreat will Underscore the Client:

  • BD Methods that Work
  • Phone Techniques not Email Blasts to Get Jobs
  • How to ‘Chase’ Postings Successfully
  • The Psychology of Selling…without sales skills, recruiting best practices have no meaning and will never be consistent.
  • How to Prioritize your Day and Workflow (with so many working from home…this has never been more critical)
  • Becoming Client Centric to the Marrow of your Bone… “The way to get what you want is to get everyone else what they want.”
  • Pricing and Negotiating…getting maximum value for your work
  • Biz Dev Skills…Job orders are Plentiful…Repeat Biz from a High Growth/Multi Hire Client…is still Rare
  • A Sense of Purpose…we don’t Motivate…we instill Purpose…and Eliminate Burn Out


Face it…your workload is down, you don’t need sourcers, you need recruiters.

That said we ALWAYS Cover:

  • Candidate Sourcing Messaging…Everyone has Access to Everyone…but no one is Responding
  • Handling Candidate Objections in the Age of The Great Resignation
  • Identifying A Legit, Counteroffer Resistant, Reason for Looking
  • The Mystical Magic of Math…Contemporary Metrics and Goal Setting


…Danny’s recruiting firm, on premises and in full view of our attendees, practicing what we preach, pumps up your rookies more than any bromides about “finding your why!”


We surround your bad asses with our bad asses and learn from each other. They will leave with knowledge for sure, but none more important than this… "They’re in the best damn business there is at EXACTLY the Right time…”

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